Applying for a tourist visa to Canada? Learn from Daniel Massé Lawyer

If you want your family to visit you for a short period of time or for holiday, then Avocat Daniel Massé can help you arrange family or tourist visas for your loved ones. Family members who are not legally authorized to visit Canada can do so with a tourist visa. To get a tourist visa processed, you will need to apply for a visa at the Canadian visa office which is authorized for the resident country. Before applying for the visa get a letter of invitation from the family member who is living in Canada in support of your application. However, getting a tourist visa is not guaranteed at all times. Hence having a qualified legal counsel like Daniel Massé Lawyer by your side is extremely important who can not only help you with the processing of the paperwork but can also guide you properly. 

While Daniel Massé Attorney and his team will explain you the process in details, keep the following information in mind and these documents handy (some of them you will only get close to the application submission date) as they will ultimately be necessary to go along side your application:

  1. Original passport with a validity of minimum six months and a blank page for visa stamp (no hand-written passports)

  2. Valid Ticket (flights)

  3. Photos 

  4. Covering letter from the applicant mentioning his name, passport number, designation, purpose, and duration of the visit with proper address

  5. Invitation letter from the family member living in Canada

  6. Educational certificates, authenticated certificate from school/college or, authenticated copy of the highest diploma

  7. Original Bank statement (last six months) and ITR for 3 years

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